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About Our PTA

Our PTA serves as a forum where parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, and other involved community members discuss ways to

  • promote quality, equitable education; 

  • strive to expand the arts and social-emotional well-being;

  • encourage community involvement; 

  • work towards a healthy, inclusive and safe environment for all students.


Carthay PTA is instrumental in fundraising and providing services and programs for our students that are not covered by the District. This includes: garden science, P.E., California Dance Institute, Reading Partners, gifted & talented program, arts enrichment, as well as community events.


Your membership in PTA means:

  • Investing in your child’s/children's future

  • Communicating with local and state decision-makers on issues and concerns facing today's children

  • Obtaining valuable resources and materials on parenting, education, health, and safety topics

  • Uniting with a national association that advocates exclusively on behalf of all children


To learn more about PTA and its mission, visit the 10th District PTA, the California PTA, or the National PTA. For specific questions about the Carthay PTA, please email us.



Courtney Kemp

(Emmett, 3rd grade)

Nancy Aubry

(Beau, 2nd grade and Elle, Kinder)



If interested, please email


Nic Wright

(Jasmine, 2nd grade)

1st VP Communications

2nd VP of Ways & Means

Danielle Davis

Emma, 4th grade

VP of Membership

Li Fellers

(Sawyer, 4th grade)


Genevieve Genest

(Jasmine, 2nd grade)

Teacher Liason

Mrs Rager

(4th grade teacher)


Li Fellers

(Sawyer, 3rd grade)

Financial Secretary and
Room Parent Coordinator

Fatima Rodriguez

(Max, 1st grade)

Tara Tyson

(Hendrix, 1st grade)

Monique Howard

(Malia, 3rd grade)

Garden Co-Chairs

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